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Smart-hero Voyage is dedicated to create a new fashionable tourism lifestyle which not only introduces world-leading recreational products into China, but also provides corresponding cooperative plans for medium-high tourism and leisure projects, as well investing and developing related tourism projects.

Infinite and Fascinating Nothing Needed is Lacking


“The Challenger ”(2-3 Seats)

Jet Boat 2-3 Seats Professional Speed Boat

● Best-equipped speed boat in the harshest modern jet boat competition

● Available for both extreme sports enthusiasts and scenic areas

● Manufactured by world-leading shipyard with specialized design and research


The Tour 6512 (18-Seat)

The most cost-effective tourism project equipment

▪ Dedicated for tourism projects

▪ Most cost-efficient within the industry

▪ An exciting experience of speed and passion


The Tour 5812 (12-Seat)

Suitable for wide and narrow waters

▪  Multiple operational models with customized hull designs

▪  Appropriate for any waters, including rivers, lakes and seas

▪  Depth of immersion---Only 10cm

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