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Time: 2017-07-29 15:20:40     Copyfrom: Smarthero Voyaga

On the morning of July 29th, the project launch of Smarthero Voyaga’s "drift airship • happy Sabah" touring project was held at Shangri-La Hotel, which is located in the capital of Sabah, the worldwide-known seaside resort. Over a hundred people had attended the conference, including the officials of Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Department, Sabah Tourism Bureau, Ocean Park Administrative Committee and other government departments. The representatives  of Sabah hotel industry, Sabah tour guide industry, Sabah tourism industry and a lot of media also attended.

YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun, the Minister of Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Department attended the conference and said that the Smarthero jetboat, which was originated in New Zealand, has swept the world's water tourism project. When moving into Malaysia for the first time and settling in Sabah, it greatly enriched Sabah's local tourism product system. Its unique interesting, experiential and adventurous spirit could be a perfection to Sabah's existing tourism products, which helps to boost the Sabah tourism economy to a new level. The Minister highly appreciated the high-ranking, fashion and safety of Smarthero jetboat and announced the project to be the most important tourism promotion project of the year.


At the meeting, JOHN CHAN gave a introduction of the Smarthero jetboat, he is the general manager of Smarthero Voyaga’s Sabah branch, which is the host of the conference. The Smarthero jetboat is a tourism products and project cooperated by Smarthero Voyaga Tourism Investment Co., Ltd and the brand KeelowCraft. The latter has 16 years’ manufacturing and operating experience of Jet airship. During the preparation of the project, the headquarters of Smarthero Voyaga had sent operation and training team to stationed in Sabah. They repeated field trips and comprehensive market analysis under the guidance of the help of the Sabah government. To conduct rigorous field training for drivers and operators so that the project could be carried out smoothly, the company also sent Callan Grimmer, a Project Training Instructor of more than 20 years’experience of jet industry, to Sabah. He has acquired the certificate of New Zealand St. John Ambulance Director (one in one percentage). JOHN said that the creation of Malaysia's sole Jet airship experience is a important project of rigorous market research and long-term strategic planning. Thanks to the recognition and promotion of Sabah government and other important parties on Smarthero Voyaga and the Smarthero jetboat, from the economic aspect, the project can effectively increase the tourist flow and the residence time and consumption of tourists. It was combined with the HNA culture, but also make the cultural connotation of water sports richer.


The" Smarthero jetboat" project of Smarthero Voyaga Tourism Investment Co., Ltd is a recreation project which is comprehensively developing in the global water areas. It has been successfully promoted in China, New Zealand, France, Palau, Thailand and other countries and regions. Apart from the Smarthero jetboat, there are a series of other world's leading new products and tourism projects in the company. The smooth launch of the Malaysian jet project also indicates that the company will have more opportunities for project investment and development operations in the future.

After the meeting, the directors of Smarthero Voyaga experienceed the project which was known as "the world's most exciting airship project", together with VIPs and media friends. It is known that the project would start external business formally on July 30th.