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● About KeelowCraft

KeelowCraft, the predecessor of Keelow Jet Boat, was founded in 1980, located at a New Zealand Southern town where jet boats were very popular in the early days. At that moment there was only one type of boat manufactured and sold. In 2005, Dwayne Terry, the current New Zealand boss of Smart-hero Voyage acquired the KeelowCraft factory. He has developed KeelowCraft Brand into the first brand in the jet boat industry in the following ten years. The market share of jet boats manufactured by the company in the whole New Zealand has reached up to 70%.

Dwayne guarantees that all KeelowCraft boats are built with the best quality, and provides best design and service for their clients. So he can do that.

With the superior design, high-quality quality and service, KeelowCraft has won the favor of Shotover Jet (the largest Jet Boat operator in the world, has a 51-year operating history) in the most famous Queenstown, New Zealand. They choose KeelowCraft among over 30 shipbuilders to design and build boats (boats are in the operation) for them and their sister company “Dart River Safaris”.


In 2014, through 2-year running-in and discussion, Dwayne, New Zealand boss of KeelowCraft and Smart-hero Group have reached a consensus that Mr. Cai Duanhong increases capital and enlarges shares to establish Xiamen Keelow Jet Boat Co., Ltd. by joint venture in 2014 in China. The company devotes itself to focusing on developing the customers in China and Southeast Asian countries. Dwayne personally led New Zealand elite production team to manufacture jet boats totally according to New Zealand standard and carry out series of project landing training, after-sales maintenance and other services. It finished China Classification Society (CCS) certification in 2016, and formally went on sale in September, 2016.