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 Jet Boat Tourism Introduction

      Jet boat, an excise suitable for all people regardless of age and physique, is always able to provide you with pleasure all the year round. All you need to do is to sit tight and hold the handrail well, then the exciting experience of dashing above water is all yours. The jet boat look like a jet without its external propellers. Instead, it ejects high-speed flow from its bilge, which makes its depth of immersion less than several centimeters.

● SMART HERO JET---New Zealand Star Class

      New Zealand Jet Boat of the SMART HERO Boat Seaplane series possess extreme strong power and recreational performances. Apart from external propellers, it looks just like a jet with the fully-loaded top speed of 80km/h. New Zealand Jet Boat uses hydraulic injection to control orientation, with top flexibility and the capability of drifting for 360 degrees while remaining at the same spot. Other stunts of superior difficulty, including sharp turn & sudden stop, as well as s-shaped movement are also realizable.

● Specifications

Model: The Tour 6512

Hull Material: Marine-Grade Alloy      

Seat Numbers: 18

 Hull Length: 6.5m      

 Width: 2.7m  Height: 2m

2 Hyundai Diesel Engines

270 Horsepower Each

2 Hamilton 212 Jet Propellers    

Weight: 2,300 Kilograms

 Top Speed: 45 Knots

 Cruise Speed: 30 Knots

Cruise Duration: 3.5 Hours    

This product has passed the China

 Classification Society (CCS) Certification

● Advanced Management Level

International Management                  Completely Imported Equipment       Marine-Grade Aluminum Material        √Purely Handmade


● Leading Manufacture Technology

      During its manufacture, all processes are completely identical to New Zealand KEELOWCRAFT standards, which are also managed by its engineers, so as to provide you with high-quality boats and highly-efficient after-sales services. 

 Strict Operating Procedure

            CNC Routing                                                 ②CNC Bending                                                         ③Hull Manufacture


          Jet Pump Installation                                          Assemble Guidance                                               CCS Unsinkable Test


● CCS Qualifications

● Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

     Smart Hero Jet Boat has passed CCS Certification with Costal Vessel Certificate. Its Hyundai S270 diesel engine, which passed the abovementioned certification, has also obtained relevant certificates, as well as Engine Emission Statement, stating that its tail gas is up to relevant international standards. Furthermore, the boat uses diesel as its fuel source, which is able to protect the environment safety of its sailing area, and to guarantee the future sustainable development of aquatic recreational activities.

● Professional Service Support

     Smart Hero Voyage offers industrial-leading professional technical and after-sales service support, which also meets relevant international standards. For those clients with jet boat activities to operate, Smart-hero Voyage is able to provide them with systematized training, including but not limited to:

  >>Driver Training                                                                                        >>Route Planning       

  >>Maintenance Training                                                                            >>Dock Infrastructure Planning

 >>Dock Infrastructure Planning                                                                  >>Contingency Management Scenario

 >>Safety Operation Planning                                                                      >> Marketing Plan Advice