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● New Zealand Jet Boat---The Tour 5812 (12-Seat)

During its manufacture, all processes are completely identical to New Zealand KEELOWCRAFT standards, which are also managed by its engineers, so as to provide you with high-quality boats and highly-efficient after-sales services.


Model: The Tour 5812

>> Seat Numbers: 12                                                                          >> Hull Length: 5.8m
>>Width: 2m  Height:1.9m                                                                 >>1 Hyundai Diesel Engine
>> 270 Horsepower                                                                            >>1 Hamilton 212 Jet Propeller
>>Weight: 1,800 Kilograms                                                                >> Top Speed: 45 Knots
>>Cruise Speed:  30 Knots                                                                  >>Cruise Duration: 3.5 Hours

>>Hull Material: Boat-Grade Aluminium Alloy                                >> CCS  Certification


● Professional Service Support

     Smart Hero Voyage offers industrial-leading professional technical and after-sales service support, which also meets relevant international standards. For those clients with jet boat activities to operate, Smart-hero Voyage is able to provide them with systematized training, including but not limited to:

  >>Driver Training                                                                                        >>Route Planning       

  >>Maintenance Training                                                                            >>Dock Infrastructure Planning

 >>Dock Infrastructure Planning                                                                  >>Contingency Management Scenario

 >>Safety Operation Planning                                                                      >> Marketing Plan Advice